Eulalee Leather

Eulalee Leather specializes in one of a kind carved leather items. If you have a custom design in mind contact me (Joren Eulalee) and we can work through your idea together. If you are interested in a pre-designed bag there are some examples below.

Kraken Master Hobo

Kraken Hobo
With treasure map referencing South Pender Island
And tall ships. Sold.

Cherry Blossom Hobo Sketches

 Back of bag and front flap.
 Strap of bag and sides.
Underneath the front flap.

Ayla's Clutch

Well this bag took about a year of conversation to finally come about.  Instead of having the clutch with the usual shoulder strap she opted for a wrist strap. We were working with cow skulls, Navajo patterns and wild roses. It was designed for Ayla of, Hold Your Ground, an wonderful person and designer.  Sold.

Jellyfish Hobo


Drawing Jellyfish

One of my dreams was to take the time to study these amazing creatures and thanks to one of my clients I finally made the time.

Butterfly Hobo

 Butterflies and Carnations. First bag to become an Albertan. Sold.

Day of the Dead (Long Hobo)

 This new shape was designed to fit a wine bottle as per my client's request.  Sugar skulls, Human skulls and broken hearts for the notorious Villainy Loveless.  Sold.

Designs for Miss Loveless

  Front flap and back.

Stevie's Collar

Stevie was named after Stevie Nicks so this collar is donning a bit of the music which has been known to accompany her. 

Mystery Braid Collars

Plans for Ayla's Clutch

We started the design process with the themes: cow skulls, roses, wolves and navajo designs. Wolves were weeded out quickly since they didn't really fit into the desert-esque feel of all the other components. Above is the initial concept sketch. At the time this was done we were going to go with the Master hobo shape which later changed to a new shape altogether.
The change of shape made for a more elongated canvas. Here we have the navajo design more integrated with the skull and roses. The front of the bag will be the skull with the diamonds and roses on the back.

Fox and Pheasant Clutch

Foxes hunting pheasants. Fox finally relaxing, embracing a feather.  Possibly after dinner of said pheasant but then again perhaps he is a vegetarian fox who merely collects feathers. Must do more foxes and pheasants but hopefully next time on a larger canvas. Sold.

V Wallet

My first Wallet. Sold.

Fox Sketches

Fiendish Foxes

Or Family Foxes.

What's in a V

Working out proportions for the perfect V. 

Ginny's Bag

A very earthy rendition of our often psychedelic friend paisley.

Persian Pickles

These are sketches for a bag I designed for Ginny. We worked through a few ideas before deciding to go with paisley. I had never given much thought to paisley before, seems like an innocuous ancient Iranian design then you find out that it has ties to the Victorian bourgeois, the rebels of 1960s and current gang affiliations. Who would have known.

Kelp Forest Concept Sketches

 This will be on the back of the bag (Master Hobo) and a slightly simplified rendition on the inside flap. The basic idea is that this has all of the characters in the scene together in a wide shot, throughout the bag there will be candid close ups. 
This will be on the front flap.  I plan to stain the bag a bluish purple.  Red won't look to great with this stain so I plan to dye the crabs and anemones peach, coral and pink and of course the kelp will be green always perfect with purple.

Collar for Cosmo


Collars for Cats

Apparently cat's celebrate Christmas too.  Sold.