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I am a self-taught leather worker but a trained visual artist (Emily Carr BFA, Capilano University Commercial Animation). Within my leather practice I try to make work that has a function yet also fulfills our need for ornamentation.  I am influenced by the Arts & Craft movement and Art Deco.  I am also interested in botanical and animal drawings from early Victorian catalogues and Medieval bestiaries. I incorporate many different types of birds, sea life, creatures, patterns and plants in my work.  
One of the reasons I think my exploration of leather work is of interest is because of the numerous processes it takes to create one of these pieces; I design the bag, draw the image, carve the image, paint and dye the leather and finally construct the bag.  

I enjoy working closely with my clients so that their bag is something made specifically for them.  I model my planning after a tattoo artist and believe a bag can be as personal as something one gets put on their skin because I know one of my bags will be an extension of you for a very long time, if not forever. 

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